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Kris Allen Fans Unite for Charity
Changing the World, One Kris Allen Fan at a Time
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16th-Jul-2014 06:45 pm - Kris Allen Album Gifting!!
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Kris Allen is back with new music! He released his new single, Prove It To You, last week, and his latest album, Horizons, is slated to drop on August 12! You can preorder the album on iTunes now.

Kris's fans want to make sure that anyone who wants to own the new album (you can hear snippets at on Amazon) can do so, even if they can't afford it. They've set up a fan-to-fan gifting campaign, in which fans who can't afford the album request a gift from a fan who is able to buy more than one copy. It's a wonderful effort by the whole fan community - come check it out!

Here's the link to offer or request an album: http://bit.ly/preordergifting
1st-Aug-2013 10:06 am - Welcome, Oliver Allen!
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Kris Allen’s son, Oliver, was born on July 30, 2013! We’re so excited for Kris and his whole family - Oliver is a lucky boy to be born with so much love and support around him. (And he’s sure to be as cute as Kris when he was a baby, too!)
The birth of a child should be a reason to celebrate, yet for many parents and families, it brings more stress, panic, and uncertainty than joy.
We want more children and families to experience the kind of childhood Oliver is sure to have. To that end, Kris’s fans are celebrating Oliver’s birth (and Kris’s new role as Daddy!) by donating to Zero to Three, an organization dedicated to helping parents in need navigate the early years of raising their children through information, support, and experiences for families, infants, and children. Please donate below.
Donate Now

Then, blog this, post the donation link on Facebook, and post it on Twitter! Help us spread the word about this great organization and this wonderful gift to the whole Allen clan!
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It's that time of year again! We're doing what Kris Allen fans do best - celebrating Kris and his 28 years on Earth by giving back to those in our communities who need it most.

This year, we're taking our lead from Kris once again. Kris has always lent his support for service members,veterans, and their families (he's even doing a show to support their welfare on June 2!). So we're following his example and spending the month of June raising money for The Fisher House, an amazing organization that provides housing and support for families of wounded military members, so they can be close to their loved ones during times of crisis and healing.

Our goal is to raise $28,000 in celebration of Kris's 28th birthday! Won't you help us reach our goal? Donate and spread the word to all of your friends and fellow fans who want make a real difference in the lives of these members too.

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LET'S GIVE 28, 29, 30, 31.....

Did you know? Kris Allen's birthday is June 21st, and in true Kris Allen Fan fashion, we're celebrating the way Kris would want: by giving back! Our goal is to complete music projects for 27 classrooms at DonorsChoose one for each of Kris's 27 years on Earth. So go check out the projects you can support, donate $27, $270 or $1... all of it to thank Kris for his gift of music to us. And let fellow fans know about the drive! We KNOW we can do this (and more!), and we KNOW Kris will be so touched by our gift!

...And who knows?? Maybe the musical opportunities you give will inspire the NEXT little Kris Allen somewhere out there!

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Thank you to ALL of you who voted in our Full Album Poll We're excited to pass along the results. Details, in words and graphs, are below the cut but here are the winners:

  • Second Single: My Weakness

  • Third Single: Better With You (by ONE vote over My Weakness!)
  • Favorite Song: Monster
  • Like Song MORE than Snippet: Out Alive
  • Like Song LESS than Snippet: Teach Me How Love Goes
  • Least Favorite Song: Teach Me How Love Goes
  • KEEP REQUESTING THE VISION OF LOVE!! We STILL can't stress this enough. It's getting nowhere near the airplay it deserves, and the music on this album is WAY too good for people never to hear a second single. PLEASE take the time to request it at your local station (phone numbers are here for US stations and here for Canadian stations). We Krisberts can be lazy, but Kris's hard work and his fantastic new music deserve our hard work too!
  • PLEASE, DONATE TO OUR DONORSCHOOSE VISION OF LOVE ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN! Show the world how much we understand what The Vision of Love REALLY means!
Much more info on the Poll Results through here!Collapse )
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With the official release of Thank You Camellia on TUESDAY, May 22, we're taking this opportunity to do one of our favorite parts of our mission: helping the incredibly generous GIFTERS of this fandom find grateful GIFTEES to spread the L.O.V.E of this album as far and wide as possible!

Haven't heard Thank You Camellia yet??? What are you waiting for?? Go here and feast your ears!

With that in mind, we want you to let us know if you are either of the above! Please post a comment (they're screened, so only the mod will see them!) OR send an email to krisallenfansunite@gmail.com with the information in the boxes below if you are a GIFTER or a GIFTEE. We'll keep a running list of what's available and what's needed in the post, so people's information can stay anonymous until gifting happens.

GIFTEES: PLEASE make each of your album requests a separate comment so we don't confuse them! If it's for someone other than you, indicate that, and give us their information (iTunes email, home address, etc)

PLEASE, PLEASE spread the word about this gifting post! We want Kris's first week sales to blow the roof off of even the most optimistic predictions, so let's make sure that ANYONE who's even thought about getting a copy of the album gets one in the first week!
come gift with us!Collapse )
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Thank you to ALL of you who took the time to vote in our poll!! We're excited to pass along the results. In case you don't feel like looking at graphs and pictures, here's the scoop in a few points:
  • This album is LITTERED with potential hit singles!!
  • Second Single: Winner is.... My Weakness!
  • Third Single: TIE between Monster & My Weakness, strong showings by Better With You, Rooftops, and Loves Me Not (see our graphs for interesting trends on which fans - casual or diehard - voted for each third single).
  • Favorite Song: Winner ended up being Monster! My Weakness came in a very strong 2nd.
  • Most Surprisingly Good Song: Winner was Blindfolded, with Rooftops right behind it.
  • Least Favorite Song: No track that's the weak link (a la Lifetime for most on KATA), but Teach Me How Love Goes was voted for most (although, see the breakdown of casual vs. diehard fans and their votes in this category).
  • NONE OF THIS MATTERS IF THE VISION OF LOVE ISN'T A HIT - A SECOND SINGLE LIKELY WON'T SEE THE AIRWAVES. We seriously can't stress this enough. The music on this album is WAY too good for people never to hear it. PLEASE take the time to request it at your local station (phone numbers are here for US stations and here for Canadian stations). We Krisberts can be lazy, but this album, Kris's hard work, and his music deserve our hard work too!
Much more info on the Poll Results through here!Collapse )
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Current Donation Total: $1,561
Students & Teachers Reached: 1,250

CLICK HERE to donate!

LIMITED TIME: Fans who donate $20 or more receive a physical copy of TVOL! Just email your donation receipt and the address where you'd like it sent (if you already own it, send it to a friend!) to krisallenfansunite@gmail.com. International shipping IS available!

As we all know, Kris Allen's newest single, the first off of his HIGHLY anticipated upcoming album Thank You Camellia, is The Vision of Love, is a call for ALL people to love one another and not to wait for others to make the world a better place but to do so every day, in small ways. This is poignantly and beautifully evoked in his music video for the song:

The thing about bullying is, it's everywhere. Kids deal with it in schools and communities whether they're in poor inner city schools or very wealthy suburban prep schools. So, we decided to try to LIVE Kris's urgent message in his song.
click here to learn more about the driveCollapse )
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Kris Allen's NEW SINGLE, The Vision of Love, hits stores and digital download sites everywhere TOMORROW!!

If you're not sure you can afford it, or if you want to gift it to someone who maybe isn't a Kris fan - YET - head over to The Dirty Minds' amazing gifting offer, and claim yours!

We've teamed up with Little Pawns, The Dirty Minds, Kris Allen Addicts, Fourteen Plums, Kris_Signal and KASource to help spread the word about the release on Twitter! Join us as we try to trend

"Vision Of Love"

The Details

The fun begins at 9PM Eastern time on Monday, March 26th and will go until midnight!

Be sure your tweets include the phrase "Vision Of Love" with each word capitalized! We purposely didn't make it THE Vision of Love so you can be even more creative in how you use the phrase to help it go viral.

We've intentionally decided to use a phrase instead of a hashtag because that seems to have more success. Most of the trending topics of late are ones that do not use hashtags.

Finally, we know you'll be talking about the single all day on Twitter, but trends only happen with a concentrated number of tweets in a short amount of time, so don't start trying to trend early!! Plan 'em, save 'em up, and then at 9pm ET, when you get the GO signal from all of our Twitter accounts, fire away, and get your feed involved! Need some tweet ideas? Here you go:

  • SONG TWEETS: "Bought my copy of @KrisAllen's The Vision Of Love! http://t.co/Jo4mvCpa"

  • WHAT I LOVE TWEETS: "My daughter's Vision Of Love is her blanket and her daddy's laugh."
  • "If bacon and cupcakes aren't your Vision Of Love, the real question is, why not???"

  • SONG LYRIC TWEETS: "When a heart breaks and the world shakes, will we stand for The Vision Of Love? http://t.co/Jo4mvCpa"

  • BETTER WORLD TWEETS: "A random act of kindness spreads the Vision Of Love."
  • "All children deserve to be loved. Let’s stand for the Vision Of Love!">

  • FAMOUS QUOTE TWEETS: "A Vision Of Love: A right delayed is a right denied. -Martin Luther King, Jr"
  • "Buddha’s Vision Of Love: Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule."

And so on! Be creative, sappy, direct, sell the song, the message, whatever you want, as long as the phrase "VISION OF LOVE" is in it!

Finally, one of the fan groups will be leading a listening party every half hour starting at 9pm, to celebrate the trending party, and the fact that we now all own this fabulous new song, so be on the lookout for that and join in with fellow fans, singing along at the top of your lungs!

Have a question? You can find us on Twitter at @KrisFansUnite. Or, ask our partners in Love, @LittlePawns, @TheDirtyMinds, @KAAddicts or @FourteenPlums, @KASource or @Kris__Signal!
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We know you've all gotten really excited about Kris's incredibly catchy, inspirational new single The Vision of Love, and NOW, our good friends at The Dirty Minds are doing an awesome new music video contest with a great prize to the winner (as voted on by YOU the fans!). Even though Kris already shot the OFFICIAL, music video, The Dirty Minds want to know...

What’s YOUR Vision of Love?
Watch the video to get inspired, then follow the cut to learn more about the contest!


YES, I want in!Collapse )
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